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Ensayos de durabilidad

Actual case 1

"Durability tests"

Simulation of the effects of external agents (resistance to ozone, light, changes in temperature...)


Optimización de parámetros de proceso

Actual case 2

"Optimisation of process parameters"

Parameterisation and optimisation of elastomer transformation processes.


  • Design and optimisation of advanced materials    
    • Use of nanotechnology in the designing of materials 
    • Coatings 
    • Modification of the thermal and electrical characteristics 
    • Developing of lighter materials
    • Polymeric materials friction modifiers
    • Design and certification of lubricants
  • Failure analysis 
    • Identification of failures resulting from wear, manufacturing defects, fatigue, etc. 
    • Analysis of defects resulting from exposure to environmental conditions such as changes in colour, blooming, cracking, etc. 
    • Analysis of used lubricants 
  • Conformity and certification tests in accordance with reference standards
  • Quality Control of raw materials and products
  • Preventive analysis of lubricants
  • R&D&i
  • Physical and chemical characterisation of materials
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