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CTR puts its experience and knowledge in polymer materials and lubricants, as well as the most advanced means, at the disposal of its customers, with the aim of meeting their technological needs, whether by improving their projects or processes or developing new ones. CTR is able to participate in projects under contract either with a company or in collaborative participation with several companies, of course, with full regard to the normal standards of confidentiality.


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Mayor duration of vehicle parts through the development of thermal conductive rubber - MarathonR
The consortium will increase the fatigue resistance of natural rubber (NR) and EPDM parts for the transport sector, leading to operation lifetime improvements of up to 60%. MarathonR will improve the thermal conductivity of rubber formulations by employing a novel additive (a combination of functionalized metal oxides and functionalized graphene). It will improve thermal dissipation, leading to a reduction in operating temperature, and thus higher fatigue resistance.