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Polymers and Composites

At Centro Tecnológico Riojano, we conduct different tests in the research of innovative applications, as well as to verify the compliance of the requirements of the materials in both their nature and their final intended use.


Qualitative determination of components by means fo Thermogravimetric analysis

  • Qualitative determination of components (polymers and other organic compounds) by means of Attenuated Total Reflectance Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (FTIR-ATR) and by means of transmission
  • Determination of the glass transmission temperature (Tg) of materials
  • Thermal analysis by means of DTA and DSC
  • Ash content in polymers and rubber mixtures
  • Identification of polymers, fillers and plasticisers in polymer compounds by means of Infrared spectroscopy
  • Analysis of contaminants, blooming, and non-dispersed particles by means of Infrared spectroscopy
  • Viscosity using the Mooney method
  • Determination of dynamic rheological and mechanical properties (RPA - Rubber Process Analyzer)
  • Measurement of electric resistance
  • Measurement of layer thickness
  • Remaining deformation after compression (Compression Set)
  • Indentation hardness Shore A, Shore D, IRHD, micro IRHD
  • Determination of the stress-strain properties
  • Density
  • Determination of the effect of liquids on elastomers
  • Resistance to ozone cracking
  • Determination of extractable components in solvents
  • Remaining deformation after traction (tension set)
  • Determination of compression stress relaxation
  • Determination of tear resistance (Delft, trouser, angle and crescent test pieces).
  • Rebound resilience of vulcanised materials (SCHOB)
  • Determination of abrasion resistance
  • Sample preparation (vulcanisation, thickness reduction and die cut)
  • Accelerated ageing and heat resistance tests
  • Ageing in UV chamber
  • Determination of staining of or organic material by contact with elastomers
  • Copper corrosion
  • Presence of sulphur in vulcanised materials
  • Flammability behaviour: combustion rate
  • Behaviour of odour of materials
  • Low-temperature fragility tests
  • Determination of the degree of vulcanisation of elastomers
  • Determination of gel content in rubber
  • Determination of ethylene content in EPDM polymers
  • Determination of acrylonitrile content in NBR polymers
  • Assessment of standardised mixtures
  • Climate ageing tests
  • Analysis of substances included in the SVHC of the REACH regulation
  • Analysis of the compatibility of polymer materials with drinking water and foodstuffs