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Our team at Centro Tecnológico Riojano intervenes in all the stages, from designing the lubricant to controlling the raw material, production and finished product.

Tests on lubricants:

  • Determination of dynamic and kinematic viscosity
  • Determination of viscosity index
  • Measurement of density
  • Determination of open cup flash point
  • Measurement of apparent viscosity at low temperatures CCS (Cold Cranking Simulator)
  • Determination of the total acid number (TAN) and total base number (TBN)
  • Determination of water content by Karl-Fischer
  • Measurement of refractive index
  • Determination of hydrocarbon chain
  • pH determination
  • Identification of contaminants (water, glycol, solvent, soot, oxidation, nitration, additive degradation...) in used lubricants
  • Determination of ash and sulphated ash
  • Copper corrosion test
  • Assessment of stability in emulsifiable fluids
  • Simulation of Noack volatility
  • Determination of content of polychlorinated biphenyls (PCB´s)